Upload Form for Reviews on WhoCalledMe.me.uk in CSV Format Upload Form for Reviews on WhoCalledMe.me.uk in CSV Format

Share Your Opinions on Phone Numbers

We invite you to upload your opinions about phone numbers. If you have a database of numbers you've flagged as unwanted (e.g., SPAM, SCAM) and you'd like to share this, you're in the right place! You can easily submit your data by exporting it to a CSV file and uploading it below. Together, we help each other identify and avoid unwanted calls.

Safety levels: 1) Safe ,2) Neutral, 3) Warning, 4) Danger

Sample CSV:

1234567890;4;Someone called me from the bank and asked for information, but I don't have an account there, be careful it could be a scam
3030334387;4;This is a very professional and competent company, they replaced the faulty software on my computer
20312349283;4;I got an SMS to call back and I paid for the connection
6650392234;3;Someone called and asked how many people live in the house, I don't know why someone would need such information, I hung up

Add up to 10000 records at a time. The CSV file can be up to 1 MB.

CSV file data format: 1234567890;1;Someone called me from the bank...(line by line)